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  • We would love to collaborate with: individuals and organizations seeking partnerships to enrich out-of-school-time STEM in Nebraska. Check out our website and use the contact email at the bottom of the site to connect with us!

    What we do: Beyond School Bells works to build partnerships at the state level between public agencies and private partners and support similar systems building work at the local level. We also concentrate on building partnerships between Nebraska initiatives and national organizations committed to providing more youth with access to high-quality ELOs. Locally we build partnerships that bring new energy into the ELO space – uniting schools, youth serving organizations,higher education, museums, businesses, and other stakeholders in a common effort to create rich expanded learning environments that will benefit us all.

    Why we care: There is an urgent need to improve STEM skills among U.S. students. With nearly 80% of future careers requiring science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) skills, it is vital that we work to improve STEM education in the United States. Beyond just the future career outlook, STEM education is essential for developing the basic analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills central to academic achievement and workforce readiness in the 21st century.

  • We would love to collaborate with: presenters and developers for STEAM centered exhibits as well as STEAM centered camps and other educational programs. Contact Audrey Barrett, the Education Coordinator for all outreach and collaboration opportunities.

    We serve: Children 18 month through 10 years old.

    For educators: The Lincoln Children’s Museum offers a tremendous amount of learning through hands-on activities in a variety of STEAM centered exhibits.

    For the public: The Lincoln Children’s Museum is a perfect place to bring children to create, discover, and learn through the power of play.

    About us: The Lincoln Children’s Museum invites children to create, discover and learn through the power of play. The Lincoln Children's Museum offers hands-on exhibits and imaginative programs that allow children and adults to discover the adventure of learning through play.

  • We would love to collaborate with: Outreach Coordinators, Marketing Specialists, Event Planners, and Education Departments.

    We serve: All ages.

    For educators:

    For the public: Come out and celebrate science across the state with numerous free or discounted events during the week of April 20-29, 2017.

    About us: The Nebraska Science Festival is designed to make science accessible, interactive, relevant and fun for kids and adults alike.

  • We would love to collaborate with: Outreach Coordinators, Professionals and Hobbyists, Event Planners, and Educators interested in organizing or participating in a SciPop event.

    We serve: All ages.

    For educators: check out our collection of related items which features popular and scientific books and more on each featured talk topic. Short videos can be used in class to provide interesting tidbits while longer videos can be played in place of a movie.

    For the public: See the website for our SciPop Talks! speaker series every February and March. Additional talks and special events are posted on the website throughout the year. Videos and recommended books, videos, games, links, and more are also featured on the website.

    About us: SciPop Talks and SciPop Interactive are interactive speaking and outreach events focused on the intersection of where science meets pop culture! Whether it's chocolate, Star Trek, or Harry Potter, you'll have fun and impress your friends when you explain the science behind their pop culture favorites!

  • We would love to collaborate with: the PreK-12 community (formal and informal educators, administrators, etc.), faculty, industry, and others interested in engineering outreach. Contact the Director, K-12 Engineering Education and Outreach, Sally Wei 402-472-2670

    We serve: PreK-12 and Educators.

    For educators: The Engineering Ambassador Network is an organization consisting of undergraduate engineering students who travel to K-12 schools to promote engineering. The format is typically an engineering presentation paired with a related hands-on activity. Other resources include educator support and training on engineering curricula (Engineering is Elementary, Project Lead The Way), engineering events on campus (both Lincoln and Omaha), and various summer camps.

    Why we care: Engineering and technology literacy will produce a more technologically literate society capable of making more informed, effective, decisions of complex real-world challenges associated with food, energy, water, and people issues. The engineering habits of mind include creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving skills which will enhance society regardless of profession. If we focus on these issues and start young, the engineering workforce needs may be alleviated.

    About us: The College of Engineering Outreach serves to promote engineering throughout the state, particularly to the preK-12 community. The goals include creating a more technologically literate society and teaching the engineering habits of mind to preK-12 students by providing inspiration, role models and hands-on experiences to students, while supporting educators in engineering education. We also aim to serve underrepresented and female populations, and to address the national need of filling the engineering pipeline.